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You have probably already figured out that simply creating a webpage does not bring web surfers to your site. You need content that both attracts surfers, and keeps them coming back. - Below are some of the most popular free content providers. That's right, we said free! Most will set up the content on their server, then you simply link from your site to the website content.

Profit from Your Website

One of the easiest ways to earn money on the internet is to act asa Reseller, Partner, Affiliate, or an Associate for other businesses. These terms all mean the same thing, you promote another company's products and receive a percentage of all sales you refer.
  • ReferIt is a great site for listing these types of Reseller opportunities . They have a complete listing of many products and services that you can sell from your website, and make a profit.
  • LinkShare is also a great site to find a Reseller program. A little bit more difficult to navigate around, but well worth the time.

Classified Services

One of today's most popular forms of attracting traffic involves giving away or selling classifieds. There are always people looking to advertise their goods or services. - You can now get in the game with your own classified site! It's really simple with these sites below. Most of these are as easy as placing a link on your page.
  • EPage lets you choose to offer free classifieds to private parties only, or you can also offer fee based classifieds to commercial parties. If you choose to also offer commercial ads, you will receive a percentage of the ad fee.
  • One and Only Classified service is a Personal Ad service. This means they are an online dating classified service. You can customize their service to fit your website, as well as make money from people signing up for their service.


  • Teal Net - Free guestbook for your web site.
  • LPage - Free Guestbook for your website
  • SPiN - Free Guestbook for your website
  • FreeForm - Get feedback from your web site visitors

Message Boards

Message Boards are just as popular as offering Classifieds. There are many variations of Message Boards, so drop by these sites and pick the one best suited for your website.
  • 1-2-3 Webtools has a very customizable link page. Add your colors, logos, and text.

Chat Rooms

The only utility that may be more popular than classifieds is having a Chat Room. Some are JAVA based rooms while others do not require your visitors to have a JAVA enabled browser.
  • ICE gives away a JAVA based chat room that links in with many other web pages. So when your visitors click on your chat room, it will include visitors from other websites.
  • ParaChat - Free Chat Room For Your Web Site


  • Casual Forums enables you to have a totally customizable threaded forum. They have options ranging from colors to languages.
  • Discussion World can have your customized forum ready in just a couple of minutes.

Miscellaneous Utilities

  • Tools for a Happier Life allows you to give away a different desktop wallpaper poster every week. Simply copy some html code into your page and you're done.
  • Webstakes Network has a unique program that lets you offer weekly prizes from your site, through the Webstakes Network. You simply place an email entry panel, which they supply, on your site and you're ready to offer free prizes.
  • Digital Postcard is the premiere free Internet postcard provider. Your visitors can choose from many postcard options. Some of the options include language, image, sounds, message and many more.
  • Uproar gives you three great Java trivia games that you can place on your site. You can choose from Entertainment, Sports, or General trivia, or choose all three. You can even make a little extra cash if your visitors click through to their site and register for their other games.
  • HtmlGames offers you an alternative to Java games. Their games are totally HTML, so your visitors do not have to have a Java enabled browser. They offer a free Othello game for your site.
  • Daily Motivator allows you to show a different positive motivating quote everyday. You simply copy a few lines of HTML into your page and the quote is automatically updated everyday.
  • Loquax Lake is a free customizable profit making game. Have your own logo, your own top 10, and more.
  • Business Success Articles can be used on your website or even your newsletter. Stop by and browse the informative articles they supply.
  • Bravenet. com - Free services for your Web page


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