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Pleace in the HEAD section of your webpage.

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

//"index_count" is subtracted from "title_length" to get the first # of the substring method
var index_count = 0; 

// What you want to scroll in the title bar
var title_string = "Sidetrips Internet Services Inc.";

// length of title string
var title_length = title_string.length;

// Variable for setTimeout()
var cmon;

// Counter for clearTimeout()
var kill_length = 0;

function loopTheScroll()

// If greater than length of string then stop calling itself
if(kill_length> title_length)


// Calls itself 10x per second - change the value to speed up or slow down the scroll (in 1/1000th of a second)
cmon = setTimeout("loopTheScroll();",100)

function scrollTheTitle()

// Difficult to explain, must be familiar w/ the substring method
var doc_title = title_string.substring((title_length - index_count - 1),title_length);

// put doc_title in the title bar
document.title = doc_title;




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